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Unannounced Project

Some early VFX work for an unannounced project. Working with Unreal. Set up some volumetric tests and vertex animation tests in Houdini. Some flipbooks with Embergen. And some 2D animated flipbooks.

Unreal - Custom water shader and waterfalls. Works with Unreal's water plugin.

Unreal - Sand gusts volumetric shader. Animated decals. Sandstorm flipbook rendered with Embergen.

Unreal - Stylized fire tests. Goal was to make thick streams of fire. Custom shader. Some use tube ribbons and follow a spline path.

Unreal - Custom shader with dithering to give sand attack more grit without adding extra particles.

Unreal - Sand gust test. Volumetric shader, particles and animated decal.

Unreal - Sandstorm made with volumetric shader, particles and animated decal.

Unreal - Sand fall shader.

Unreal - Custom ocean shader early test.